With participation of its key partner, KNGK-Group Investment and Engineering Holding, Ilsky Refinery has completed drafting a new plant development program. This program was agreed with all involved parties (Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Rosstandart and Rostekhnadzor) and the Refinery by execution of an Addendum dated March 18 to the four-party agreement on renovation of production facilities of the plant and quality improvement for oil products supplied to commodity markets of the Russian Federation. The new program matches economical conditions and requirement of the Ministry of Energy of Russia to mandatory implementation of deeper conversion processes at Russian refineries. The program allows for complete exclusion of commercial fuel oil obtainment. And the refinery yield will grow by 25% to the 95% level compared to the initial agreement executed in 2011. Plant capacity will reach 6 mln tons of processed raw materials per year.
Implementation of renovation program is supposed to result in increase of motor gasoline production to 750 thousand tons per year and Euro 5 diesel fuel production to 1,770 thousand tons per year while maintaining compliance with highest environmental requirements of Technical Regulations TR TS 013/2011. The first stage involves commissioning of reforming and isomerization unit for motor gasoline production, as well as a middle distillate hydrotreater in 2019. The second stage involves vacuum gas oil hydrocracking units, hydrogen generators and sulfur liberation units, with commissioning scheduled for 2020.
The final stage will involve construction of VTB delayed coking unit in 2022 to maximize production of motor fuels. General designer of Ilsky Refinery facilities is the Design Department of KNGK-Group Investment and Engineering Holding, and main process facilities of advanced oil refining complex were designed by Lengiproneftekhim (St. Petersburg).
Commissioning of the full scope of units included in the 2022 development program would ensure increase in environmental friendliness of the Refinery (one should note that the refinery operates according to Progress in Rapport with Nature principle and provides active support and development to environment protection campaigns and programs in the region). In addition, the situation at the labor market in Seversky District will improve due to creation of 500 additional jobs (for reference: current mean salary of the refinery workers is ca. 47,000 rubles), and amounts of taxes paid to budgets of different levels will reach RUR 12.1 bn level.
Total amount of investment in Ilsky Refinery program will exceed RUR 100 bn. Also we’d like to point out that in October 2015 at the International Investment Forum in Sochi, an agreement of intentions for investment interface and utilization of RUR 4.6 bn for construction of preliminary distillation unit of AT-6 electrical desalting unit and oil and oil product discharge and acceptance point at the territory of the Refinery was executed by Ilsky Refinery with administration of Seversky District and Krasnodar Region. These schedules are implemented on time, and currently ca. RUR 2 bn is spent.
It is important to mention that the dynamics of elimination of violations found by Rostekhnadzor at the facilities of oil and gas refinery enterprises in 2011-2015 was presented in January at the briefing of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision. Ilsky Refinery, was named the best company in terms of those indicators, since it featured the lowest number of minor violations. Officers of Rostekhnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, Rosprirodnadzor supervisory agencies and Federal Tax Agency have performed a total of 13 scheduled inspections of the refinery operations in 2015. In particular, last year in May, a field tax audit was performed in compliance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. In the course, no discrepancies were found in the claimed income and expenditure amounts, nor violations in payment of land, water, transport, property, income taxes, personal income tax and excise duties. By the year results, Ilsky Refinery was duly rewarded with a title of the best taxpayer 2015.

Source: Юга.ru