While preparing development program for oil industry until 2030, government of Russian Federation set certain priorities in oil processing and exporting regions of Russia that include Krasnodar region.

In order to fulfill Russian Federation government’s program of fuel and energy industries development, reserves replacement and increasing energetic branch efficiency, in July 2011 Ilsky oil refining factory signed an agreement with federal bodies of executive power, concerning realization of investment program intended for modernization of oil processing capacities of the factory (presupposing reconstruction of currently functioning refinery), increase of production facilities and stage by stage switch to production of oil products that meet European standards (Euro-4 and Euro-5), as well as depth of oil processing.

This agreement includes certain year-by-year stages of commissioning new capacities for oil processing and producing Euro-5 standard products.
First start-up complex.

In accordance with the agreement the first start-up package of deep processing complex includes implementing in 2019 a unit for deep hydrotreating of distillation fractions and sulphur producing unit. Along with that, the first package will include reforming and isomerization unit.
Second and third start-up complexes.

By the end of 2020 it is planned to construct and put into operation a crude vacuum unit, hydrocracking of vacuum gasoil, hydrogen unit and gas-fractioning unit.
Fourth start-up complex.

In 2022 it is planned to finish construction and launch a delayed coker unit with capacity of 800 thousand tons for feedstock. As a result of implementing the fourth start-up package, there will arise an opportunity to reach deeper conversion level and receive coke from oil residues. Process depth in that case will equal 95% and Nelson index will reach 8,81.

In consequence of all the measures taken Ilsky oil refining factory will reach European level of enhancement.

As of current period modernization program is provided with feed and energy delivery resources.