Social policy of Ilsky oil refining factory

Company’s working efficiency, its success and achievements within the conditions of market economy are the results of relationships between managers of the company and all the rest of the personnel who work as one united family, bounded with common ideas, values and principles. These principles form current social policy of Ilsky oil refining factory, which is also confirmed with the Collective contract.

The refinery considers its main target to create comfortable and convenient conditions for effective work of each and every employee, their professional growth, and provision with opportunities for stable and high salary, as well as development of production standards.

Implacable growth of producing efficiency and workforce productivity allow keeping high wage level. There also implemented stable bonuses, compensation uplifts and extra charges.

Priority guidelines of social policy include:

  • Increase of labor conditions and employees recreation conditions;
  • Wellness management and propaganda of healthy lifestyle, as well as diseases prevention;
  • Social benefits and social security system for each and every employee.

Employees’ interest in their mission at the factory and company’s successful economic activities gets even higher along with all the provided benefits, guarantees and allowances.

Basic social package includes:

  • Wages indexation;
  • Provision of additional paid vacations for the workers involved in hazardous and dangerous kinds of work, due to special job category and irregular working hours;
  • Provision of regular annual paid vacation for the workers with duration of 28 calendar days; for disabled workers – 30 calendar days;
  • Reimbursement of expenses related to undergoing compulsory medical examination, as well as expenses related to business trips;
  • Professional education: preparation, retraining, career enhancement;
  • Payment for mobile connection, provision of company vehicles for employees with certain official duties;
  • Provision of special clothing, shoes and other pieces of personal protection equipment;
  • Provision of milk for employees involved in dangerous and hazardous work.

The company is highly invested into forming personnel reserve and further professional development of all the employees. In order to increase qualification level there is an education program created and intended for giving additional professional knowledge to all who needs it.

Ilsky oil refining factory stands for healthy lifestyle of all the employees: there is an advanced, perfectly equipped gym with modern fitness machines, which regularly holds sporting events and competitions. There are football and volleyball teams being trained at the factory, they are involved in various levels matches and competitions as well.

A lot of attention is paid for issues of health care maintaining: there are compulsory medical examinations carried out periodically, influenza vaccinations, insurance for the workers in case of accidents.

Another line of refinery’s social activity includes taking care of employees’ well-being and prosperity. List of welfare benefits include partial payment for nutrition, additional payments after giving birth to a child, weddings, jubilees, retirement, death of a family member, compensation for purchasing medicine. Ilsky oil refining factory has its own canteen, which provides all the employees with delicious and hot meals. There is a morning and evening transport provided for all who lives remotely. Each summer workers of the refinery have an opportunity to enjoy a free vacation with the family members on the beaches of the Black Sea.

There is a program for the workers, helping them to purchase a housing accommodation and improve one’s own dwelling conditions.

There is a nice tradition to celebrate various professional Days, as well as the 1st of June – International Children’s Day, during which employees’ kids take part in drawing contests; also there are New Year’s matinees with presents and New Year’s tree with kids singing and dancing in a ring around of it.

An integral part of Ilsky oil refinery’s social policy is charity and sponsorship, which doled out for social and municipal entities, educational, medical, children’s and pre-school institutions, sporting clubs. There are also carried out named patient programs for War and labor veterans, as well as for severely ill children. Managers of Ilsky oil refining factory by understanding all the necessity and importance of Russian Orthodox Church work, is actively involved in construction and restoration of churches and temples. After severe floods in Krymsk in 2012 there was rendered a lot of material and financial aid.

The factory is actively involved in cooperation with educational establishments, such as Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs and Krasnodar Polytechnic University.