Environment protection

Ilsky oil refinery conducts its activities under the motto ”Progress in harmony with nature”. The company has introduced a policy of maximum reduction of production influence on the environment.

Due to reconstruction of Ilsky oil refinery the factory presupposes implementation of modern treating facilities for storm water drainage with capacity of 2350 m3/day and treating facilities for biological purification of domestic waters with capacity of 150 m3/day.

A certified works control laboratory provides proper control over the work of treating facilities.

Tank batteries for storing oil feed and gasolines are equipped with pontoons, which allows to reduce emissions of hydrocarbons into the atmospheric air while its exploitation.

The factory arranged proper storing and utilization of all the types of industrial waste with the purpose of minimizing its effect onto the environment.

In order to improve quality of atmospheric air the company constantly conducts complicated and highly expensive work for landscape gardening of the sanitary protective zone of the refinery.

Industrial safety and labor protection

Ilsky oil refinery is a modern dynamically developing factory constantly increasing its capacities. Refinery’s territory has a huge amount of equipment and pipelines, many of which are under pressure and contain highly heated oil products. Their work is connected with using of electric energy, steam and compressed air. In order to provide safety while exploiting the equipment, machinery and mechanisms the factory implemented instructions for labor safety, fire safety, production instructions, and technological regulations for accomplishment of production operations. Wise service work desk arrangement, knowledge and following of labor safety requirements, industrial and fire safety during work prevents accidents and industrial injuries.

Management of Ilsky oil refinery realizes its responsibility towards the society for possible negative influence of exploitation dangerous production facilities and expresses confidence that stated activity can and has to be conducted with no incidents or accidents.

To implement these tasks the oil refinery developed and commissioned “Management policy of Ilsky oil refinery in terms of industrial safety” and “Regulations of management system over the industrial safety at Ilsky oil refinery.

Ilsky oil refinery follows the requirements of Russian legislation, systematically and purposefully conducting its activities for providing company’s security and labor protection of the personnel, giving preference to the measures connected with preventing negative factors. To implement strategic targets for provision of safety and healthy labor conditions Ilsky oil refinery follows the system:

  • act in accordance with international agreements and standards, Russian and local legislation, rules and other requirements in the field of professional security and personnel’s health care;
  • make and implement managing and industrial decisions considering all the possible dangers and risks of planned activities;
  • increase effectiveness of production supervision, corporate control and internal auditing;
  • estimate industrial risks, develop and carry out measures that would reduce the risk;
  • implement production modernization using up-to-date technologies, equipment and automatic operating systems, providing industrial safety and creating innocuous working conditions for the staff;
  • inform every interested party (general public, government executive bodies, etc.) about the factory’s activities concerning industrial and fire safety, professional health, emergency situations and preparedness to eliminate any force majeure situation;
  • adopt advanced developments and technologies in order to reduce use rate of natural resources, materials and energy whilst producing maximal amount of products.


In order to fulfill Russian Federation requirements while constructing units, there are used leakproof

reliable equipment, high-quality control systems, fire prevention and protection machinery, multi-step treating facilities, up-to-date smoke-free flare systems and maximum utilization of harmful emissions. There has also been implemented a technology, guaranteeing extraction of sulphur in amount of nearly 99,5%.

One of factory’s priorities is provision of safe working environment and creation of comfortable working conditions. Company management is constantly involved in taking measures for providing higher safety, excluding any opportunity of an accident, guaranteeing non-stop operation of all the units, implementing advanced information technologies, methods of technical diagnostics and remote monitoring, carrying out corporate supervising and internal auditing for satisfying law regulations concerning industrial and fire safety, labor safety as well as environmental security.

– A lot of attention is paid to systematical education and further training of employees;

– In order to protect them from working conditions harmful impact, employees of Ilsky refinery are provided with certified and approved special clothing, special boots and other means of personal protection;

– To be protected from pollution, all the employees are provided with detergents and various decontaminants;

– Those who are involved in particularly harmful activities are provided with milk and with financial compensation, besides, in accordance with current law of Russian Federation, employees working in harmful conditions undergo preliminary and periodical medical examination.


In accordance with approved working schedules, Ilsky oil refining factory arranges special training of how to behave in extraordinary situations (so-called “Emergency response plan”). Special units for  fire safety, non-professional ER and medical personnel take part in such drills, there is also involved Southern regional Center of emergency search, rescue and ecological operations.

– On the territory of oil refinery there are specially marked places for smoking (regulated by an order

and in accordance with requirements of fire safety);

– There are shower rooms and wardrobes equipped with private lockers for clothes;

– All the amenity premises contain aerator water machines with bottled drinking-water;

– There is a medical cabinet with a duty physician for carrying out pre-trip and after-trip medical

check, as well as for first-aid treatment after accidents;

– To prevent industrial accidents and injuries there are visual propaganda posters hung all over the

place, safety signs and technical literature;

– All the units of the refinery there are comfortable premises, equipped with protection (such as ventilation systems and wall split air conditioners.

All the employees of the factory are provided with accident insurance, opportunities to undergo sanatorium-resort therapy for both adults and kids. All the mentioned worksites are insured in case of infliction of harm due to an accident.


Measure plan for improving working conditions (Special Assessment of Labor Conditions 2014).

Summary list of conducting special evaluation of labor conditions in 2014

Summary list of conducting special evaluation of labor conditions in 2015

Summary list of conducting special evaluation of labor conditions in 2016